Humans are the creators, the actors AND the audience who can truly experience these roles separately and even simultaneously when creating.


"Glorious Deep"

Written on 14th December 2020, as the first planets entered into the age of Aquarius constellations. The poem articulates new perceptions on the understanding of notion of 'depth'.

William Forde ℗2020

"The Air in Somerset"

A devotion for the beautiful, lumpy, bumpy, green hills of Glastonbury, England and that heart energy (and fresh air). Written on 19th October 2020, during quarantine in Somerset.

William Forde ℗2020

I have minted 7 original copies of each of the poems above into Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs). They can never be edited and can be sold and purchased via to blockchain as

3 of them remain available to purchase, to store in a Crypto Wallet as collectible. The tokenised poems represent the first of my work to go on the blockchain, with love ❤️️. 

By buying one of my NFT poems, you are staking a claim to value you see in me as an artist, before it actualizes and backing me as an artistic investment for the immediate future.

This is a great way to create movement and not just sentiment, so thank you in advance, should you believe in me that much to purchase one of my NFTs 🙏.

The Author - William Forde

I have never focused my efforts on sharing my poetry before and appreciate any support as a 37 year old poet, publishing my work for the first time. 

Thank you to all those that have listened/read/watched and who offer encouragement and tips (in all forms) that help me get found.  Regardless of our irresistible desires for fame and achievement, I actually use poetry purely as an expression that allows me to laugh at what I call 'myself'. 

This is the most superior way I have found for me to communicate my being and love to those I care to share my experiences with.

To learn more about me visit here.  I am available for bookings in Australia, UK, Canada, Finland and Bali in 2021 and I welcome any queries about me performing, teaching or getting involved as a supporter of altruistic and creative projects.  Simply email me at info @ (the domain of this website). (Forgive the absence of a contact link as spam bots will scrape it!)  I definitely entertain swaps for healing sessions, acomodation and training.

The true nature of William

We all get lost sometimes, but never feel you sold out for standing up for justice in the face of tyranny or altruistically serving others.  Anyone can be selfish and survive... its not that impressive, especially in a world of template men and TV, armchair father figures. 

Shine ॐ


Glorious Depth

If people are playing shallow games

Then skim your little rock to scratch my surface and I'll pull you in deep.

No-one wants to go under and lose their space or air

So go graze in grace in the fields with the sheep.

Yet curiosity draws you;

If you invite me, do not spite me, for being me

Because you may see DEEP as complex.

DEEP as "over your head"

"Too far under", "Matters of the dead"

"Thoughts get floated around, just to float around".

Not writing down conclusions no, cos in the deep down here

The paper just gets wet.

Putting out fires forever... and

Compressing iron fists inside themselves

Sitting heavy in my bed for eternity...

It's no joke if you have not heard of me I'm DEEP.

When 'DEEP' is spoken in your world

Does it seem like negative feelings are being said?

What is DEEP bro? Oh here we go

Try: Depths of the Heart...

No Ride! A DEEP experience, self-parked.

So grounding you feel deeply in love, inside.

Buried safely among euphoric feelings

Completion not a juvenile start or constant searching

Everything submerged and subside.

It's a DEEP red blood or

A reminder that the thickness of the colours

Is only heavy if you're living on air.

And finally the deep black darkness

Don't get it twisted - I am always transparent

It's your blue feelings in the sky that discolors me.

If your ideas haven't changed yet about death

Then you've missed it:

Breath point, still point, and cosmos are DEEP INSIDE ॐ

Right at the center of this mystic-alley.

Moch when it's actually the HIGHEST, LIGHTEST, PASSAGE

Lighting up the back streets of this DEEP, DEEP mind.

So DEEP can't be heavy

That's the object you threw in.

The stones you may project to me are dark and heavy

and my DEEP light the conscious wave is

Ironically the only thing that washes your sins.

Get your head around that and

See if it floats with ease or spins, because

I was unplugged

And a vortex grew to

Protect my seas from these things.

A caution then as a care for you to

See my view on depth...

Another DEEP whale sound

A choice:

Jump in and let go in love with me

or enjoy the scenery...

and walk around.

©2020 William Forde

The Air in Somerset

The air in Somerset can fill a room with a fresh chill

And lift gloom from death's will

Oh the warmth of pumpkin soup.

The steam and glee of a creme tea

On the banks of a river, where once peasants would shiver

If they sat at the foot of the castle walls, guarding this river

Celebrate and live a little.

The graceful swan is white

And it doesn't bounce, it glides...

Clouds sit in 3 skies as if we painted this picture here

The dead and the living, you and I.

The network is chill in the mind of false things

But the heart races, leaving egos behind

So there's a pace and a dance done to show grace in some way

A polite door held here and there

A full presence, not dismay.

This ways a good one, for people across generations

Glastonbury is the heart of much human celebration

The whole world can tear apart

And the ghosts of the ages here remind us

These are echoes of past, repeated pages.

So we build bands and stages

Bob Geldof, I'm upset

That you let a few words of untruth poison your set

Because the biggest river in the world flows in Africa

Much grows in Africa

And songs like what you writ no-one will ever forget!

Your words you must protect, don't squander your intellect

Cos William came from Australia to shake spear on some

Abnormal, original, reptile, insects

With my little protest.

I don't wear the 'S' on my chest anymore

I wear it on my mask instead

But I draw a line through that truth

To keep justice fair

Getting downloads about network, bandwidth, ram, focus, assets,

not being passive...

There's definitely something in the air down 'ere.

©2020 William Forde

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